Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Arrest of Judge Khoudairi
Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Arrest of Judge Khoudairi
Tuesday, November 26,2013 19:49

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) condemns the arrest of senior judge Mahmoud Al-Khudairi Chairman of the Legislative Committee at the now-dissolved People's Assembly (lower house) and former president of the Alexandria Judges Club. Coup security forces arrested him at his home in Alexandria Monday, November 25, 2013.

Continuing the repression and persecution of honorable icons of this homeland by the military junta shows that the coup commanders have lost their minds – blinded by the lust for power, they cannot accept the presence of opponents outside prisons and detention centers.

The FJP stresses that the continued fabrication of charges and incitement against all those who reject the coup strengthens the steadfastness and determination of Egyptians to break this brutal coup.

The FJP calls on all patriotic parties and movements to urgently rally together to reverse this coup, which aims to reproduce the police state regime, gagging mouths, suppressing freedoms and taking away all the gains of the glorious January 25 Revolution.