Pro-Legitimacy Anti-Coup National Alliance: Students Lead the Revolution
Pro-Legitimacy Anti-Coup National Alliance: Students Lead the Revolution
Tuesday, December 10,2013 01:24

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issued this statement:

To all patriotic Egyptian men and women…

Taking such majestic solid steps forward, you are showing the whole world how you persistently stand steadfast and bravely bear the responsibility, doing your duty to your dear homeland, fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the martyrs and detainees, despite the coup’s cowardly terror and repression, and the high numbers of hostages for freedom. You are teaching the putschists one humbling lesson after another, with creative non-violence and revolutionary rejuvenation of activities with compelling and dignified determination.

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

Do not be deceived by the farcical appeasing attempts, the hollow threats, and other fake coup messages. Do not pay much attention to the booby-trapped verdicts and court decisions. Weaker than a house of cards, the junta and its apparatuses will continue to collapse. The hour of retribution is onto them. Your rising revolution everywhere will determine the right time, with God’s Grace – for it will be the final arbitrator.

The National Alliance pays deep tribute of praise and appreciation to Egypt's loyal men and women who remain steadfast in the face of the brutal putschists, whether they are behind prison walls or out to complete the peaceful struggle.

The Alliance hails the homeland’s student heroes, who persistently and proudly resist the repressive military junta, to prove every day that they are the Revolution’s beating heart and mainstay, especially at Al-Azhar, the University of martyrs, and all the university colleges that announced disobedience and strikes until retribution is exacted fairly.

The Alliance calls on all Egyptians to continue their revolt in the "Students Lead the Revolution" million-man march Tuesday, in support of the steadfastness, resilience and determination of the student movement in its non-violent struggle against the junta.

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

This is a most crucial stage in Egypt’s history, requiring all revolutionary men and women of Egypt to raise their readiness to the maximum, and to continue to take responsibility in peaceful protests, creative defiance, continuous practical rejuvenation, and determined steadfastness, avoiding past mistakes, with neither loitering nor haste, and with a careful balanced assessment of the revolution’s developments that does not allow opportunities to be missed.

We are confident that you are up to the task, endeavoring for the homeland and the people who have been plunged into such grave peril by the putschists just to please America, Israel and the forces of evil and destruction.

Continue your Revolution selflessly, mass and rally, and wait for triumph, which is not far off now.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: December 8, 2013