Freedom and Justice Party Calls Boycott Referendum on Illegitimate Constitution
Freedom and Justice Party Calls Boycott Referendum on Illegitimate Constitution
Thursday, December 19,2013 07:14

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) calls on all free and patriotic Egyptians to boycott the fake referendum on the illegitimate document, void in form and substance, drafted ​​by the few who want to protect murderers and appoint one of them President of Egypt, after leading a traitorous murderous military coup that trampled Egyptians’ blood, dignity and popular will.


The heinous military coup deliberately tainted the legitimate Constitution approved by a majority of two-thirds of the people. Instead, the coup commanders and collaborators produced a monstrosity in the form of a ‘submission document’. They are now coercing Egyptians, under exceptional circumstances, repression, poverty and threats of maximum force and lethal violence, to approve it, thus giving up their right and the right of future generations to free choice, and sovereignty on their own land.


The FJP’s boycott of the fake vote will be accompanied with continued escalation of peaceful revolutionary action to restore and regain the January 25 Revolution, so we are governed by legitimate popular will, not traitorous military coups.


The path to the people's dignity and freedoms is well-known, has clearly defined steps, and history testifies that it always gains victory over any group that robs the people of their rights and freedoms and tramples democracy thinking dictatorship and repression will scare people into submission.


The people, who experience no positive change or improvement under the coup, especially with regard to conditions of living, are able to complete the path by boycotting the referendum on the ‘minority constitution’ and to proceed in a great but peaceful revolution that complements the goals and demands of the January 25 Revolution and respects the fear some people expressed on June 30, which was quickly exploited in a heinous plot to overthrow legitimacy and democracy.


The FJP will continue to support all the steps of peaceful revolutionary action in this critical stage of our dear homeland’s history, committed to its principles, loyal to the Egyptian people – especially the martyrs and honorable men and women held captive in coup prisons and detention centers.


We must not accept injustice, submission or defeat. Nor must we participate in covering up murderers’ crimes. We will not abandon fair retribution even for a single drop of Egyptian blood spilled since January 25 (2011) by Mubarak and his gang, which has been exposed to all.


Now is the time for free loyal Egyptians. Principles cannot be defeated. Rights cannot be forgotten. The people of Egypt must enjoy complete uncompromised social justice and hold accountable all coup leaders for all the heinous crimes they committed against all Egyptians.


Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo: December 18, 2013