Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Huge Million-Man March Wednesday
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Huge Million-Man March Wednesday
Tuesday, January 7,2014 17:07

To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people...

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance hails your determination to continue your political defiance with peaceful ingenuity, escalating your revolutionary resistance activities in all governorates across the nation to liberate the January 25 Revolution from the treasonous putschists, to eliminate all traitors and agents working for foreign powers, and to restore the democratic process.

To the noble steadfast people of Egypt…

Egypt's legitimate elected leader, the great hero, President Mohamed Morsi, remains resilient and persistent, although the coup commanders and collaborators have abducted and robbed him of his legal rights, amid the flagrant silence of pro-military judges, enemies of the January 25 Revolution and its men and women, who are now dismissing Egypt's honest judges.

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

Witnessing your revolutionary escalation and the steadfastness of the honorable detainees, the National Alliance says it loud and clear: constitutional legitimacy belongs to the people; no-one can change that. Also, we will not allow the country’s top post to become like a hot cake power-grabbing coup thugs wrestle over. We are determined to achieve the goals of the January 25 Revolution. We will not give up.

To all loyal, patriotic men and women, who reject betrayal and injustice...

Prophet Mohamed's birthday (according to the Islamic lunar calendar) coincides with Jesus Christ’s birthday (according to Egyptian Coptic Christians). There is a powerful message in this timing at the current revolutionary stage that requires you to follow the example of the two great Messengers of God, peace be on them, to confront and challenge injustice, oppression and illegitimacy. We must all rectify mistakes, unite and rally around the Revolution until we spread goodness and brotherly love throughout Egypt, in spite of the coup, the junta and their deluded troops and their provocateurs’ murderous militias.

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

The coup has collapsed. We are waiting for final decisive victory. Let the days of Revolutionary Rage continue. Mass in imposing marches on Wednesday, January 8, to reject the farce of the century and to support the steadfastness of the President, in all cities across the country. Let us also gather at the venue of the trial, under the banner "The People defend Their President". Loyal, patriotic citizens abroad should also rise up, at the same time, to declare a boycott of the sham referendum on the dark document of falsehood – the illegitimate coup’s constitution.

Get ready for what is soon to come.

Get ready for the decisive rounds to come very soon.

Bread, freedom, democratic legitimacy, human dignity…

We will meet on January 25.

The Revolution will continue until retribution is dispatched and justice served.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: January 6, 2014