Pro-Democracy Alliance: Cowardly Bombings Friday Preemptive Act Against Revolution New Wave
Pro-Democracy Alliance: Cowardly Bombings Friday Preemptive Act Against Revolution New Wave
Sunday, January 26,2014 14:42

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance has previously condemned – dozens of times – all acts of violence aimed at military or civilian buildings, or at any individuals – military or civilian, Egyptian or foreign, according to its previously announced strategic vision of peaceful methods in all its activities.

The Alliance denounces the cowardly bombings Friday as a preemptive strike by the putschists against the new wave of the revolutionary action announced by the Alliance to continue the January 25 Revolution, on the eve of its third anniversary. The Alliance places full responsibility for crimes like these on coup authorities, especially after the coup interior minister's announcement of gathering ranks and heavy equipment, and of unprecedented fortifications aimed at protecting police stations and security headquarters, and at terrorizing the peaceful Egyptian people.

The Alliance expresses its sincere condolences to families of the victims, affirming the importance of the commencement of fair and prompt investigations adhering to the standards of judiciary independence. The Alliance also affirms its suspicions regarding this type of incident, especially since the Egyptian people have a bitter history with the security apparatus involving similar incidents.

The Alliance also expresses its surprise that no final court decisions have been issued regarding violent incidents and bombings since the events of the Two-Saints Church, Maspero TV building, Mohamed Mahmoud Street, Parliament building, Abbassiya and Port Said, especially those occurring after the military coup. The Alliance asks: to whose benefit are the real criminals being hidden?

The criminal forces that committed the Friday bombings intended the following:

1- Creating a state of violent confusion to terrorize revolutionaries rejecting the coup so they would stay away from January 25 demonstrations and the new revolutionary wave.

2- Exploiting the incidents, using pro-military media, to incite the rest of the people against the Muslim Brotherhood and the Alliance by demonizing them, accusing revolutionaries of terrorism before the January 25 Revolution anniversary, in addition to distorting the image of the revolution.

3- Provoking police officers and personnel with the feeling that they are facing a real danger threatening their lives, so fear and anger would reflect in a violent stance against peaceful revolutionaries and protestors.

The Alliance asserts that:

- the Revolution will persist on its peaceful path, with ingenuity and devotion, to bring down the terrorist military coup,

- the regime of bombings, repression and terror will not remain for long against a revolutionary people who are aware and alert, and

- the people will not be deceived by plots of treachery and terror, and will continue on the path of the Revolution until its completion, and until the fascist putschists are held accountable for shedding the blood of Egyptians.

The National Alliance calls on the revolutionary people of Egypt and the free youth to continue their peaceful escalation, with selfless devotion and creativity, to foil military coup acts of terror, affirming that the will of the people will prevail.

God protect Egypt and safeguard it from strife and discord.

Allah is Great.

The Egyptian people will defeat coup terror.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: January 24, 2014