National Alliance Calls 'Together for Deliverance' Friday Peaceful Protest Action
National Alliance Calls 'Together for Deliverance' Friday Peaceful Protest Action
Friday, March 28,2014 00:31

 To the brave patriotic people of Egypt ..

You have imposed your will in Wednesday's million-man march and nationwide rallies; and with your second revolutionary wave, you have declared it loud and clear: the Revolution will continue until the coup is completely defeated, and all those who committed crimes against our noble people are brought to justice. You have thwarted coup steps of falsehood and terror. The future belongs to you and to Egypt – all the future, God willing.

What we said nine months ago has just come to pass. The mask of falsehood and deceit has just fallen off the face of the traitor who co-planned the coup with the enemies of Egypt and executed it with brutal vengeance. He finally took off the mask of falsehood as he declared his bid for the presidency over the dead bodies of many innocent Egyptians, after he betrayed the January 25, 2011 Revolution and all its constitutional and democratic gains, after he betrayed the oath he swore before his elected President Mohamed Morsi.

The coup commander dragged the Egyptian army with him into the quagmire of the political arena, threatening its integrity and cohesion. He is a presidential candidate whose hands are heavily stained with the blood of thousands of innocent patriotic Egyptians, amidst abject failure in all areas and unprecedented darkness and despair across the nation.
Although the coup commander swore a most solemn oath not to run for the presidency, and to make Egypt "the best in the world", everyone now sees Egypt suffer under the illegitimate coup regime of a terrorist murderous general whose presidential program aims to establish a republic of fear, oppression, poverty and subordination to foreign powers.
Leave the putschists to their dreams, visions and delusions. Let them chase a mirage, an illusion, where with every step they take, they delve deeper into the dark tunnel of their treasonous coup, and it will be exceedingly difficult for them to return.

All they do will come to a sad end in one moment. We are certain, and so are the patriotic people of this homeland, that the coup will soon be over. Then, no remorse or regret will benefit the criminals as they are brought to justice.
Let them hallucinate and weave webs of dreams and visions, and complete your Revolution with peaceful creative defiance and resilient resistance. You will defeat the putschists' repression and terror. All evidence confirms that the march of the decisive defiance is gaining momentum, gaining ground and more supporters every day.

Friday's demonstrations will be huge, imposing, to support the democratic process, the recovery of the Revolution and rejection of the coup and military rule, under the slogan "Together for Deliverance".

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: March 27, 2014