Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Nahda Bombing Incident
Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Nahda Bombing Incident
Wednesday, April 2,2014 19:43

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the explosions that went off Wednesday outside Cairo University (near Nahda Square), which claimed the lives of a senior police official and wounded several others.

We pray for the deceased, and wish the injured a speedy and full recovery. We offer our sincere condolences to families of the victims.

We call on everyone to beware of God and stop all the evil they do against Egypt and its people, civilians, police or military. The blood of all citizens is sacred. Political differences should never be an excuse for killing and the shedding of blood.

We also demand a timely, fair and impartial investigation into this incident. We hope authorities will refrain from making unsubstantiated accusations, and instead apprehend the real masterminds and perpetrators of this crime and others, by way of retribution for the dead and injured.

Despite such acts of terror, the Muslim Brotherhood will remain committed to the peaceful Revolution until it achieves all its noble objectives: bread, freedom, social justice and human dignity.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: April 2, 2014