Coup Forces Seize Al-Shater Stores, Throw Hundreds of Workers onto Street
Coup Forces Seize Al-Shater Stores, Throw Hundreds of Workers onto Street
Monday, June 16,2014 02:08

 Aisha Al-Shater, daughter of Khairat Al-Shater (Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman) said that coup security forces stormed famous store chains owned by Al-Shater and Abdul-Rahman Saudi, a leading member of the Brotherhood.

She added that since the early morning hours on Sunday (June 15), huge numbers of police and security forces have been storming all branches of Zad chain of stores as well as its headquarters. The same thing is happening in Abdul-Rahman Saudi's supermarket chain.

She pointed that this is one of the achievements of Al-Sisi, seizing the businesses of those who can offer jobs to people in these hard days where it has become difficult to find work, with the spread of unemployment due to the putschists' mismanagement of the economy. Hundreds of employees of these stores now find themselves on the street with no source of income whatsoever.

She further added that the putschists are closing and confiscating properties, stores and businesses owned by patriotic men whose crime in fact was that they were never involved in plundering and pillaging the country's resources, as evidenced by their professional business records. They are evidently honest businessmen who never got involved in fraud or corruption.

"The putschists think by confiscating Zad stores they will humiliate us through impoverishment. But I say Al-Sisi must reconsider his stance carefully. He is following the footsteps of Mubarak, who shuttered and confiscated my dear father Khairat Al-Shater's Salsabeel computer stores and his Abul-Feda restaurant, as well as many companies that belonged to my father, and other sources of our income. But we survived, with the Grace of God Almighty.

"You may detain our loved ones; you may loot their stores, offices and businesses; and you may do your worst sentencing them severely beyond all laws... but history will record how Al-Shater gave many years of his life, his freedom and even his money, for his faith, his religion and his homeland."