President Morsi Congratulates Palestinian Resistance
President Morsi Congratulates Palestinian Resistance
Wednesday, August 27,2014 09:58
Ahmed Abdel-Aziz, National Media Advisor to President Mohamed Morsi, sent a congratulatory message on behalf of President Morsi and his presidential team to the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Tuesday, Egypt announced a "comprehensive long-term" cease-fire truce between the Zionist entity and the Gaza Strip.

In the congratulations message, Abdel-Aziz said: "On behalf of Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi, his presidential team and the Egyptian people, I extend my congratulations to the political and military leaderships of the valiant Palestinian resistance, with all factions, in this brilliant victory over the Zionist enemy – the epitome of terrorism in the world".

He concluded the message addressing Palestinian factions, saying: "I ask God to bless your unity, so you can ultimately liberate Palestine".