PRESS RELEASE: UK PM' Review Into the Muslim Brotherhood Find No Links to Acts of Terrorism
PRESS RELEASE: UK PM' Review Into the Muslim Brotherhood Find No Links to Acts of Terrorism
Friday, October 24,2014 14:04

 Sources close to the review have stated that “there is no evidence of links between the Muslim Brotherhood and acts of terrorism”.

Recent ‘leaks’ sourced by the press to the cabinet office appear to be an attempt to force a reversal in the Review’s original findings and besmirch the name of the Muslim Brotherhood and their members resident in the UK.
The Sunday Telegraph on 20th October reported apparent findings of the review which attempted to vilify the Muslim Brotherhood and link it to extremism. Much of the Telegraph’s report have been proven to be inaccurate and misleading. The report notably cited former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove as an ‘advisor’ to the review and Dr Lorenzo Vidino as have having ‘worked on the review’. It has been confirmed that neither had in fact worked on the review as claimed. This trend of leaks suggests an attempt to manipulate the review’s findings.
The Muslim Brotherhood has engaged fully with Sir John Jenkin’s review and provided access to its members at the highest level possible all over the world. The Muslim Brotherhood reserves the right to reply to any negative allegations made against it from any quarter. To date, the Review Team have not provided the Muslim Brotherhood’s legal team with any allegations that it considers to be of concern.
In the spirit of open engagement, which commenced prior to the review being announced, the Muslim Brotherhood have offered to meet with the Home Secretary and the Foreign Secretary to directly discuss the Reviews findings.
There is legitimate concern that despite the findings of the Review that the goalposts are changing. The Muslim Brotherhood calls on the Prime Minister to publish Sir John’s report in full and in its original form.