Egypt Student Union Statement to All Egyptians
Egypt Student Union Statement to All Egyptians
Saturday, February 7,2015 08:06

In the past few days, Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi came out to address Egyptians, and attempted to ignite infighting amongst the people of this one homeland, asking for a new mandate to fight terrorism – hungry for more bloodshed, murder, oppression and arbitrary arrests and detention of innocent Egyptian people.

The policies adopted by Al-Sisi in all the homeland's security matters have failed miserably. Despite all the violence and brutality he did in the Sinai, the demolition of innocent people's houses, the destruction of the tunnels and the displacement of the people of Sinai, he failed miserably, with increasing number of Egyptian soldiers killed in fatal attacks every day.

Egypt's students offer sincere condolences to the families of all revolutionary martyrs, including Egyptian army soldiers. Students denounce all calls to mandate the killer to shed more blood or to intensify the brutal suppression. They hold that all these traitorous calls are dragging the country into a civil war plotted for by Al-Sisi and the junta to try and escape punishment by the Egyptian people.

We stress that continued military rule in Egypt will only bring more bloodshed, spilled in the name of false slogans for treasonous goals.

Inhuman repression and extrajudicial execution has affected all the Egyptian people, and all colors of the political spectrum, especially those who participated in the popular protest and resistance movement since the beginning of the January 25 Revolution. All those who were companions in Tahrir Square yesterday are today either dead or once again companions – in prison. The military State does not and will not accept any freedom of expression for any opponents.

All Egypt's free students call onto the Egyptian people to unite in the face of the military State until the junta is ultimately defeated, and the great people reclaim their liberty and dignity, and until the people achieve what they aspired to: freedom, social justice and dignified living.

May God protect Egypt and its youth

Executive Office of the Egyptian Students Union

Cairo – February 6, 2015