Egyptian Revolutionary Council: Interior Minister Dismissal Confirms Coup Regime Failure
Egyptian Revolutionary Council: Interior Minister Dismissal Confirms Coup Regime Failure
Thursday, March 5,2015 00:21

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) sends a message of thanks and appreciation to the men and women of the Egyptian Revolution who stand steadfast in the streets and squares of Egypt after forcing the military coup and its leader Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi to sacrifice one of the most important partners in the crimes of the brutal coup that overthrew the legitimate elected President Mohamed Morsi.

The sacking of the coup's interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim was only an explicit testimony to the failure of all the security policies adopted by the ousted minister, who tried every form of torture and abuse, until he won the title of 'The minister who killed and torture the most dissidents'. In fact, in his most horrific violence against the people, he did not differentiate between a man and a woman, or between children and old people. His horrid massacres were in all streets, police stations, detention centers and prisons, brutally punishing all the Egyptian people, without exception.

Today, the ERC affirms that the dismissal of Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim will not help him dodge retribution through a fair trial, for the crimes he committed and the violations he undertook against Egypt and its people, like his betrayal of the legitimate President of the country and the massacres he executed soon after that.

Sacking the minister today, in this way, is a message to everyone that the ruling junta will sacrifice even its most loyal partners as it feels its ship sinking. All those linking their own fate to the coup should quickly jump from the ship before collective hand of the people reaches them with prompt trials and retribution.

The ERC has previously warned investors around the world against investing their money in Egypt, due to its climate of instability, which repels serious investors. Today, the sacking of the Minister of Interior confirms the accuracy of the ERC's vision and affirms that Egypt is experiencing an unprecedented security failure where it would be impossible for an investor to find a safe climate for investment.

The ERC stresses that, despite the inhuman bloody massacres the Interior Minister executed with unspeakable cruelty, he was only an obedient servant of the ruling junta in Egypt. Therefore, our Revolution will continue until the Egyptian people regain their freedom and reclaim their looted wealth.

A tribute to the revolutionaries of Egypt.

The Revolution Marches On