NGO Report on Egypt Human Rights Violations in First Quarter of 2015
NGO Report on Egypt Human Rights Violations in First Quarter of 2015
Thursday, April 23,2015 23:07

The independent (non-government) Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms (EORF) has issued its report on 'Human rights violations in Egypt in the first quarter of 2015'.

EORF's monitoring and documentation unit said the report covers violations committed against Egyptian citizens in the first quarter of 2015, adding that its research teams applied principles of neutrality and objectivity – monitoring and documenting violations without any bias or prejudice.

EORF affirmed that the first quarter of 2015 witnessed many grave human rights violations against citizens that amount to crimes against humanity subject to no statute of limitations.

According to EORF's monitoring of human rights violations, the following crimes were committed during the first three months of 2015:

- Arbitrary arrests: 3,696 cases.

- Extrajudicial killings: 255 cases of killing outside the bounds of the law.

- Enforced disappearances: 617 cases.

- Torture and ill-treatment: 2,894 cases.

EORF said that despite repeated calls by Egyptian citizens for freedom, social justice and human dignity, and despite the fact that human rights organizations have repeatedly submitted to the junta-appointed government proposals to improve the human rights situation in Egypt, a lack of political will to improve the human rights situation is the main reason for the deterioration of basic rights and freedoms.

EORF had hoped that the new year would not see these many crimes and violations against the Egyptian people. It had hoped that the government, especially members of the army, police and other security agencies, would respect and protect the human rights of Egyptian citizens.

Unfortunately, cases of large-scale violations of human rights are still recorded in Egypt, most notably violations committed against opponents of the military regime. Security agencies persistently commit grave and alarming violations of human rights in Egypt at large, affecting all segments of society, but especially supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

By committing such violations those security apparatuses breach the terms and rules of international law which guarantees and protects human rights in all parts of the world, whether in times of peace or war, and holds accountable the perpetrators of crimes and violations.

EORF has observed increased lawlessness in the Egyptian street in the past three months. The country witnessed a number of bloody armed clashes, with a number of police stations and security headquarters attacked claiming the lives of several security personnel. Moreover, a number of security officers were assassinated, and several explosions were documented.

EORF affirms that the increasing lawlessness is due primarily to severe negligence, malpractice and other failures by the junta's security services, which amount to a total lack of protection of public and private enterprises and properties, as these forces devote all their resources to quelling anti-coup demonstrations opposed to the junta's repressive measures and policies.

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