Enforced Disappearances Increase in Coup Commander Year as President
Enforced Disappearances Increase in Coup Commander Year as President
Tuesday, June 9,2015 04:42

 The "Freedom for the Brave" group, affiliated with the Left in Egypt, said it documented 163 cases of enforced disappearance or detention without due process since April 2015, in 22 provinces.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the group pointed that among these cases 66 were "ongoing" enforced disappearances that continue to-date, 31 that could not be followed-up, and 64 that already ended, after more than 24 hours of unjustified detention by coup authorities.

The group added that there were two deaths in custody: Attiyto Islam and Sabri Al-Ghoul.

Meanwhile, Humanity Association (a rights organization) documented 94 forced disappearances, including two female students, 7 minors and 6 students, in Egypt during the month of May 2015.

This comes as several human rights organizations discuss female student Esraa El-Taweel's forced disappearance from the vicinity of Maadi police station about a week ago.

Today (Monday), a whole year has passed since the military coup commander usurped the presidency and ruled over Egypt directly, after executing a treasonous bloody coup that overthrew the legitimate elected President Mohamed Morsi.