Revolutionary Women Coalition Slams Junta Violations Against Egypt Leaders Behind Bars
Revolutionary Women Coalition Slams Junta Violations Against Egypt Leaders Behind Bars
Wednesday, July 29,2015 13:57

The Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women (RCEW) condemns inhuman conditions suffered by the leaders and symbols of the Egyptian Revolution inside junta jails and detention centers. Evidently, coup authorities commit very serious violations against political prisoners, including complete deprivation of food, medicine and essential medical treatment, and even denial of clean water, fresh air and exercise.


Methods of torture and humiliation included pouring sewage inside prison cells throughout the holy month of Ramadan. This is a deliberate crime against leaders and symbols of the most honorable revolution Egyptian history has ever known, which the whole world hailed as an exemplary model of bloodless revolutions.


In incidents documented by the RCEW, Dr Mohamed Beltagy, icon of the Revolution, has been subjected to systematic torture – physical and psychological, after returning from the farcical June 16, 2015 Wadi Natrun court session. He suffered torture in prison supervised directly by Hassan Al-Sohagi, head of coup prisons; and Mohamed Ali, his deputy. Moreover, Dr Beltagy has been moved to a cell where he can have no air or light, and in which he is handcuffed and blindfolded.


RCEW believes that coup authorities want to eliminate all citizens who still have a conscience alive with patriotism, who sincerely seek to serve the homeland's interests. Dr Beltagy is one of the most honorable leaders who struggled against corruption, especially in the Ministry of Interior. Elected into the Egyptian Parliament immediately after the January 25 Revolution, Dr Beltagy was tasked with the mission of fighting corruption.


Furthermore, Dr Beltagy was one of the revolutionary figures most successful at communicating and creating genuine partnerships with all the Egyptian Revolution's groups and stakeholders, with all their different political orientations, ideologies and visions. The coup's interior ministry therefore tortures and punishes him for exposing its extensive corruption, and for his endeavors to serve the interests of the homeland and the aggrieved people.


With this statement, RCEW wishes to send an important plea to all local and international human rights councils, as well as the Egyptian public prosecutor, to start an investigation into those facts and incidents, because of the seriousness of these horrid crimes against humanity and justice – values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are rapidly vanishing under the military coup in Egypt.


Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women


Cairo: July 28, 2015