Joint Press Release by Human Rights Organizations on International Day of Enforced Disappearances
Joint Press Release by Human Rights Organizations on International Day of Enforced Disappearances
Sunday, August 30,2015 21:41

This year, the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances revives the memory of pain and sorrow to all Egyptians. This year, August 30 reminds of thousands of people who have been forcibly disappeared at the hands of authorities that commit cold-blooded crimes in all forms. Indeed, they have used criminal tools that no-one uses but the Mafia (and other international gangs).

Egypt commemorates the International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances this year under a regime that commits crimes and treason regularly, that subjected to forced disappearance more than 1,800 people, according to statements of the National Council for Human Rights (in March 2011).

Since July 3, 2013, the pace of enforced disappearances escalated, systematically, on a daily basis, targeting hundreds of minor children, students and young people, even the elderly. They all were forcibly disappeared for varying periods of time, during which they lost contact with the whole world, their families never knew where their loved ones were held or the reasons for their abduction and detention. Many were also subjected to torture and inhuman ill-treatment during the period of enforced disappearance.

Some of them were paraded on television and on the government's official webpages on social networking websites as defendants in lawsuits, in which they are accused of involvement in crimes that happened during the period of their forced disappearance or detention.

Some are still victims of enforced disappearances. No-one knows their fate. It is estimated these are hundreds of victims, while only 63 cases have been properly documented. Some of them have been forcibly disappeared for more than two years.

According to international agreements, enforced disappearance is a war crime. Those who commit it must be brought to justice, for a war crime restricting the freedom of people, forcibly detaining them, isolating them from the world and putting their lives in danger.

We condemn international silence toward such violations. We also condemn the silence of human rights organizations and bodies and the United Nations' Human Rights Council toward that horrid crime.

We call on the competent bodies and agencies to take all necessary action and processes with regard to the violations and crimes committed by the Egyptian authorities including enforced disappearances against all opponents, and we ask them to move as stipulated in international laws and conventions.

International Association of Rights and Freedoms - Human Rights Monitor – Various Human Rights Organizations

Sunday – August 30, 2015