Alexandria 'Youth Against the Coup' Statement on October War Anniversary
Alexandria 'Youth Against the Coup' Statement on October War Anniversary
Sunday, October 4,2015 12:52

On the forty-second anniversary of the Egyptian victory in the October (1973) War, in which Egypt – with its people and its army – successfully retaliated against Zionist aggressions, and (partly) reclaimed Egyptian territory, the Youth Against the Coup (YAC) movement addresses this statement to the Egyptian people in general and to the Alexandrian people in particular.

This year we will not be celebrating the anniversary of the glorious October War. This year's activities and events will be a complement to a war that began decades ago against the Zionist usurpers who indeed occupied most of the Palestinian territories, and who are still occupying Egyptian Om Al-Rashash (Eilat).
The Zionist entity is hostile to Egypt, and the Arab World. We should not collaborate with it. It is the national duty of every Egyptian and Arab to face up to this enemy and work to uproot it.
We reject the unholy marriage between the Zionist entity and the coup commander Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, his intelligence apparatuses and his government. We reaffirm that the Egyptian people reject the Zionist entity, just as they reject the military coup. Both represent a heinous threat to Egypt's national security. They must be defeated.
YAC does not recognize the peace treaty which puppet regimes signed with the so-called state of "Israel". YAC, along with the Egyptian revolutionary masses, firmly rejects normalization and diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity, and refuses the opening of embassies and diplomatic offices for the entity on Egyptian soil.
We therefore call on all the people of Alexandria, patriotic citizens  who reject the Zionist-Junta rule in Egypt, to rally on October 5 at three in the afternoon in Kafr Abdou (district in Alexandria) to besiege the Zionist entity's Consulate, and to impose a popular blockade on its diplomatic representation on Egyptian soil.
The January 2011 Egyptian Revolution declares, through its youths, that it knows its real enemies, the real pillars supporting the military coup in Egypt. The first of these is the Zionist entity.
We affirm that the Egyptian Revolution will defeat the coup regime, the junta and its allies. Supporters of the coup will pay a heavy price. We will restore our homeland, Egypt, free proud Arab and Muslim. We will not allow lackeys of the Zionist entity to set foot on the soil of Egypt.
Youth Against the Coup - Alexandria
Saturday – October 3, 2015