ERC: Egypt’s coup leader not welcome in Britain
ERC: Egypt’s coup leader not welcome in Britain
Thursday, October 29,2015 05:14

 General Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi, Egypt’s self-appointed president and the mastermind of the violent military coup that resulted in the massacre thousands, is due to visit the United Kingdom next week. The Egyptian Revolutionary Council has called a Press Conference on 3rd November to highlight the appalling legal, human rights and political violations committed by the current regime in Egypt as well as the likely political and economic implications on the United Kingdom. The visit will take place while renowned political, legal, human rights and academic figures both in the United Kingdom and worldwide have expressed clear refusal to El-Sisi’s visit to the UK in a letter published on the 27th of November in The Guardian.


Speaking at the Press Conference will be a panel of distinguished British experts, academics and campaigners, including:
Lindsey German – Founding member and convener of the Stop the War Coalition,
Maha Azzam – Academic and the Head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council,
Toby Cadman – International law specialist in the area of war crimes, extradition and human rights law,
Peter Oborne – Editor of the Spectator and former chief political commentator of the Daily Telegraph, and
Ann Alexander – Co-founder of MENA Solidarity Network and Egyptian Solidarity Initiative.
Place: Church House Conference Centre, Westminster Room, London SW1P 3NZ (nearest underground stations: Westminster and St. James Park)
Date: Tuesday, 3rd November, 2015
Time: 11:00 – 12:30 (GMT)