Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Developments in Egyptian Scene
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Developments in Egyptian Scene
Monday, November 9,2015 16:02
The Muslim Brotherhood is following closely ongoing developments in the Egyptian scene, with all recent changes, escalations and the overwhelming catastrophic failure of the junta-appointed criminal regime in the areas of security, foreign affairs and the economy.

While the group did warn of the implications and repercussions of all these developments at the beginning of the (July 3, 2013) coup, the Muslim Brotherhood never stopped its non-violent revolutionary action and struggle for the homeland.

The treacherous military junta committed many acts of betrayal, selling out the homeland to the generals and other 'interested parties'. The junta's reckless handling of Egypt's affairs led to the exorbitant hike in prices of all essential goods and services. The coup regime crushes the simple citizen, sells the Sinai to the Zionists, and kills the innocent.

The junta-appointed regime's disastrous performance was crowned with the utter failure in securing our airports and the total unpreparedness to handle weather storms, which resulted in the sinking and destruction of whole villages and the displacement of thousands of families without proper arrangements, care or adequate compensation.

With all that failure, and the acceleration of construction of Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam, the criminal coup regime cannot continue in power to the end of its illegitimate term.

Indeed, amid all this growing fiasco of fatal failure, the criminal coup regime continues its ferocious campaign of arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, torture, detention, extrajudicial killings, sham trials, unjust verdicts and absurd sentences against all Egyptians who reject the military coup.

If anything, this reflects the fragility of the military-appointed regime, which fears any real voice that still resists and struggles for dignified living, freedom and social justice.

Whatever the military junta and its domestic and foreign allies and groups of interests may be plotting now, we will continue to hold onto our position against any attempt to pillage the homeland, and against the recycling of repression and its symbols and mechanisms.

We will cooperate with all real patriots to address the threats faced by this homeland. We will fight for justice, freedom and the rights of ordinary people, and for the safety of the homeland, whatever the sacrifices.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Sunday – November 8, 2015