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Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Aggression Against Iraq, Syria Sunnis
Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Aggression Against Iraq, Syria Sunnis
Tuesday, February 2,2016 15:49

The Sharia Scholars Committee (SSC) of the Islamic Action Front Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, denounced acts of aggression committed against Sunnis in Iraq and Syria.

In a statement Monday, the SSC urged countries of the world and human rights organizations to take a clear position on the crimes perpetrated against innocent citizens in the Arab world, and called for support of the besieged and starving people and serious efforts to rescue them by all available means.

"Ongoing atrocities and criminal acts in Iraq, amid reprehensible world community silence, aim to isolate Sunnis and turn them into a politically, economically and geographically marginalized minority... It is essential for the nation to unite, close ranks and reject discrimination on a sectarian basis.

"The daily killings and displacement in Syria and the destruction of the state and its infra-structure continue... The world community continues to deepen the wounds of the Syrian people, for the benefit of a blood-thirsty repressive regime, which furthers the Zionist expansionist plot and keeps the region in a state of instability."