Rights Organization: Egypt Military Court Sentences 8 Anti-Coup Civilians to Death
Rights Organization: Egypt Military Court Sentences 8 Anti-Coup Civilians to Death
Monday, May 30,2016 04:39

 The military criminal court in the west of Cairo issued its ruling today in case No. 174 to execute 8 opponents of the coup regime:

1. Hamad Al-Ghazali

2. Mohamed Fawzi

3. Ahmed Mustafa Ahmed

4. Reda Moatamed

5. Mahmoud Al-Sharif

6. Abdel-Basir Abdel-Rauf

7. Abdullah Noureddine (in absentia)

8. Ahmed Abdel-Bassit (in absentia)

The military court also issued a life sentence for 12 political opponents and 15 years in prison against 6 more. It also acquitted two of the defendants.

In April 2015, the National Security apparatus arrested a group of young people, and subjected them to forced disappearance (held them illegally at unknown locations). Those youths' testimonies state that they were held inside the Egyptian Intelligence HQ. Then, the same youths appeared in a video presented by the police, in which signs of torture seemed obvious (the defendants confirmed that). Then National Security laid against them charges of joining a banned group, attacking police and army forces, and an attempted bombing of electricity transformers.

Military Justice rulings are ratified by the military governor, and may then be challenged before a military appeals court within 60 days from the date of ratification.

Shehab Center reaffirms its rejection of these unfair trials before non-competent courts, which lack all fair-trial guarantees, and the evident bias of the military judiciary.

Shehab Center demands an end to these absurd and unjust sentences; a retrial for defendants or convicts before their natural judge.

Shehab Center for Human Rights




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