Torture, Humiliation in Junta's Borg Al-Arab Prison: No Food, Water, Medicine or Electricity
Torture, Humiliation in Junta's Borg Al-Arab Prison: No Food, Water, Medicine or Electricity
Wednesday, June 22,2016 14:13

 Families of a number of detainees at Borg Al-Arab Prison (West Alexandria) issued a humanitarian appeal to all competent authorities and human rights organizations to save their loved ones from torture at the coup regime's high-security Borg Al-Arab Prison, especially in the month of Ramadan (Muslims' month of fasting).

Currently, Borg Prison administration is imposing a potentially-deadly total ban on water for political detainees, for three full days on Tuesday. In fact, no eating or drinking is allowed at all for them, not even a drop of water. Electricity is completely cut off in the cells, which caused many cases of suffocation among detainees due to the high temperatures this summer. The prison administration also bans exercise, and waste-removal from the cells, resulting in an accumulation of garbage – another health risk.

Borg Prison's security forces also moved the following detainees to 'disciplinary wards'...

1. Mahmoud Awad

2. Ahmed Ashoush

3. Mohamed Talaat

4. Karim Gamal

5. Mohamed Emad

6. Abdullah Al-Kholi

The Families of Borg Al-Arab Detainees Association confirmed that student Mohamed Emad was severely injured and was bleeding after a savage attack and a brutal beating by prison guards. Meanwhile, the prison administration refuses to transfer Emad to the hospital.

On Monday (June 20, 2016), a number of detainees' families filed complaints to the chief prosecutor to investigate barbaric beatings and ferocious attacks on students inside Borg Prison, and requested that students should be referred to Forensic Medicine for reports on their injuries.

The complaint accused officer Mohamed Al-Feil of issuing orders to soldiers to beat up students, and stated that the savage attacks were indeed witnessed by Al-Feil.

Shehab Center for Human Rights calls on the Public Prosecutor to urgently put an end to these inhumane practices, atrocities and violations of the law, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

Shehab Center for Human Rights


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