Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls "Yes to Legitimacy and Unity" Revolutionary Protest Week
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls
Sunday, May 21,2017 14:09
The horrific crimes of the military junta's illegitimate regime in Egypt has reached unprecedented levels where cowering and silence are not acceptable options. The junta's iron-hand of murderous oppression has hit all political parties and groups without distinction, with dozens recently jailed or detained, to join tens of thousands who had earlier stood in defiance to the treacherous military machine of repression, and resisted with all strength and steadfastness.

The military junta, the coup gang, is violating all sanctities, all freedoms, committing all kinds of atrocious crimes. It is now high time for unity among all those who reject this treacherous coup regime, who reject this criminal gang.

There is no more time to waste. We need unity like that of January 25 (2011). For unity is strength; disunity is weakness. No-one can beat those who share the same goals, coordinate their efforts, and work united on one path to break this coup and oust this blood-thirsty traitorous gang.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance reiterates its commitment to its objectives and principles, to a full return to democratic legitimacy created by the people of Egypt as they gained their freedom after the glorious January 2011 Revolution. The Alliance stresses that its alignment with other opponents of the coup – despite their differing directions – increases the strength of the Revolution and provides more opportunities for success.

We appeal to all parties and groups opposed to the coup, and to all the Egyptian people, to unite in these crucial moments and work as one. At this stage, in which the military junta's tyranny has taken hold, doubling their treasonous crimes, we must all close ranks in a single united society, to resist this traitorous coup that is trampling popular will and crushing the homeland.

The Alliance calls for a new week of peaceful revolutionary protest under the title "Yes to Legitimacy and Unity" in continuation of the wave of popular resistance "Leave".

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance