Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira Condemns Abduction of Leader Mohamed Suwaidan
Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira Condemns Abduction of Leader Mohamed Suwaidan
Wednesday, August 9,2017 23:46

 The Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira province rejects the brutal repressive measures that took place Tuesday morning (August 8) in a vengeful raid by coup security forces on the house of the prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Ibrahim Suwaidan, 71 years, terrorizing him and his wife, smashing up the contents of his apartment in Alexandria, stealing their personal belongings and threatening them of torture.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira warns that Mohamed Suwaidan's life is in danger while he is subjected to enforced disappearance, with his family threatened with violence. His health had already deteriorated badly recently, after he underwent a surgery. He urgently needs another operation. He also suffers from a chronic chest problem, high blood pressure and diabetes.

All of the above require special care and periodic medical follow-up.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira asserts that it will use all legal means to defend and rescue Suwaidan from the clutches of these criminals, cronies of the murderous traitor Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, who has no respect for the sanctity blood, home or old-age.

The Muslim Brotherhood stresses that the life of Mohamed Suwaidan is in real danger and that his whereabouts are not known since his abduction at 2AM on Tuesday. Evidently, this is a crime of forced disappearance in violation of international law, conventions and covenants.

Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira

Tuesday – August 8, 2017