El Haddad’s Health Deteriorates in Al 'Aqrab Prison
El Haddad’s Health Deteriorates in Al 'Aqrab Prison
Saturday, November 25,2017 02:33

The family of Dr. Essam el-Haddad, 64, an adviser to President Mohamed Morsi, confirmed that his health is continuously deteriorating in his detention at Al 'Aqrab prison 

Mona Imam, wife of Dr. El-Haddad, said in a statement on Facebook : "I learned yesterday’s [Wednesday] morning that my husband is very ill, and that the prison officials are denying his request to be seen by a cardiologist to perform a cardiac catheterization that he needs, and preventing him from speaking to the court to submit such request”

She added: "For over a month and half since he was diagnosed with a stenosed artery in his heart and weakness in the heart muscle, the prison administration refuses he gets the heart procedure and proper treatment, as a result his health has deteriorated, and his blood sugar dropped to 50, especially after he began a hunger strike on November 13 to protest ill-treatment and deliberate medical negligence” 

Similarly, former Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Ahmad Aref, and several other political prisoners in Al 'Aqrab prison announced on November 16th they began a hunger strike to protest systematic torture they are enduring in prisons.