Opposition Campaign to Boycott 2018 Egyptian Elections
Opposition Campaign to Boycott 2018 Egyptian Elections
Tuesday, November 28,2017 04:44

 A number of prominent politicians, activists, and journalists launched a campaign to boycott the upcoming 2018 elections by Sisi coup regime in Egypt.


Among signatories to campaign launching statement: 
Dr. Yahya Al-Qazzaz, professor of Geology at Helwan University, media figure  Azza Al Hennawi, journalist Medhat Abu Dalila, and Hassan Hussein, the managing editor of Al Anwar Newspaper.
The founding statement of the "Campaign to Boycott Presidential Elections"  pointed out that “in view of the deteriorating living conditions that surpassed all expectations, it is certain that the popular boycott of the elections this time will be much larger than before.
"All the revolutionaries and the democratic forces shall unite in a popular campaign to turn the nationwide boycott into an effective boycott" the statement said.
Adding "It will expose the current regime and those participating from the opposition, and present a revolutionary program that expresses the interests of the hard-working and poor people."
The campaign was initially signed by more than 260 citizens, calling upon every honorable Egyptian to join.
"Let us rise to boycott the Sisi elections, using all forms of propaganda, and form nationwide popular boycotting committees in neighborhoods, workplaces, universities, cities and villages" the statement added. 
The goal of the campaign, according to the statement, is to create a “popular democratic republic” that should:
1. Ensure that all natural wealth in our country belongs only to the Egyptian people, and no one has the right to waste it.
2. Recover looted national wealth from corrupt tycoons.
3 Restore all public sector companies and resend state land concessions treaties during the last four decades.
4. Defend the historical rights of the Egyptian people in the Nile waters, using all forms and means, and repeal the Camp David, and Tiran and Sanafir treaties 
5. Restore all public and personal rights and freedoms, the rights of the martyrs, and release all  detained activists.
6. Bring to justice all those who killed the revolutionaries, oppressed the people, and looted their wealth.
7. Ensure that work, education, healthcare, food and decent housing are attainable rights for all Egyptians.
8. Setting the minimum monthly wage to 4000 pounds, and maximum at 20000 pounds, with an annual increase matching the increase in the prices of goods and basic commodities, and a gradual increase of income taxes up to 70%.
9. Cancel all foreign debts.
10. Support the struggle of the people and revolutions across the Arab world, to liberate themselves from all forms of colonial dependency and the Zionist occupation of Palestine.