Political Prisoners in Al Wadi Al Gadeed Prison Suffer Torture and Medical Negligence
Political Prisoners in Al Wadi Al Gadeed Prison Suffer Torture and Medical Negligence
Sunday, December 3,2017 05:04

 Detainees in Al Wadi Al Gadeed  prison complained of the systematic torture, and deliberate medical negligence by the prison administration.

In a letter sent from inside Al Wadi Al Gadeed prison, the detainees appealed to human rights organizations in Egypt and international organizations to address the appalling human rights abuses under the supervision of the prison administrators and their assistants.

In their letter, the prisoners said that the administration of Al Wadi Al Gadeed Prison had allocated five cells in Block 12 to suppress prison inmates and first-time comers.

The prisoners of Al Wadi Al Gadeed stressed that abuses and violations are not confined to detaining them in inhuman cells, but exceed to physical torture. The methods of torture include the falqa, i.e. suspending detainees upside-down and beating their feet with plastic pipes till their nails fall off. Also detainees are suspended naked, electrocuted in different places of their bodies beside other ways of torture.

According to the letter, the prison administration removed toilets from prison cells and forced them every morning to use an open space in front of the prison's infirmary as a bathroom.

The prison administration banned running water inside the cells, and allowed each prisoner one bottle of water daily, which is bearly enough for drinking. Many detainee refrained from eating during the day, to avoid defecating or urinating inside the cells on the floor, which has led to the spread of many diseases, the letter said.