Egypt’s Parties Denounce US Vice President Mike Pence's Visit to the Middle East
Egypt’s Parties Denounce US Vice President Mike Pence's Visit to the Middle East
Tuesday, December 19,2017 09:00

Several Egyptian political parties announced their refusal to meet with US Vice President Mike Pence during his upcoming visit to Egypt. 

The parties called for "the promotion of national sovereignty, and rejection of dependence on the United States, as well as its interference in the internal affairs of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq."
The parties criticized Pence's visit to the region, which they stated has 3 goals, according to a statement, the first of which is to contain the Palestinian uprising and undermine the Arab and international solidarity against recent US policies in the region; the second is to ensure support for the Trump’s Jerusalem decision through Arab capitals under the pretext of resuming peace process; and the third is to market the Israeli occupation and propagate new lies about the US role in the region.
In their statement, the parties praised the "heroic popular uprising" in  Palestine which faces the American-Zionist aggression, and the sacrifices Palestinians are making in defense of Jerusalem.
Statement also pointed out that receiving Pence in Egypt or any other Arab country is a stab in the back of the "brave people defending Palestine, and abuse of their rights and struggle."
The parties considered Pence and Trump as "another version of terror and extremism around the world as they share not only extremist ideology, but also terror and murder, targeting the Arab world, and the use of apoclyptic superstitions as religious beliefs to justify murder and crimes."
The statement called for continuous solidarity with the Palestinian people, and to raise awareness about boycotting US products.
The Statement was signed by the following parties:
- The Egyptian People's Campaign for the Boycott of Israel (BDS - Egypt)
- Constitution Party
-Al Karama Party
-Popular Socialist Alliance Party
-The Powerful Egypt Party
-Egypt Freedom Party
- Bread and Freedom Party (under formation)