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Rights Group Documents Violations of Media Freedoms in Egypt in July
Rights Group Documents Violations of Media Freedoms in Egypt in July
Sunday, August 12,2018 21:16

The "Arab Observatory for Media Freedom" documented 23 violations of the press and media freedoms in Egypt last July, the most serious of these violations is the issuance of three laws that it described as "repressive and threatening the basic existence of the press, and complete the suffocating siege against the media."

In a statement released on Thursday, the Observatory's report stated "3 new journalists were imprisoned, 9 violations committed by courts in politicized verdicts,  in addition to 6 violations restricting publications, and one prison violation and another administrative violation, while the number of detainees has risen to 97 journalists and media professionals; compared to 95 in the previous month."

The Observatory said that "the month of July witnessed a number of qualitative violations with the emergence of the 'case 441' 

also known in the media as 'media movement,' which has become a large open box devouring, since its opening and so far, new names of journalists, media professionals and academic researchers. The precautionary measures have become a new sword that threatens journalists and media professionals without respect for rights and constitutional principles."