Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Condemns UN Envoy Remarks On Idlib
Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Condemns UN Envoy Remarks On Idlib
Tuesday, September 4,2018 13:45

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria followed with astonishment the statements of the UN special envoy to Syria, Stephane de Mistura, regarding Idlib, where he said "there are thousands of terrorists in Idlib, and that the opposition is able to use chlorine gas," in an idiom of justification for what will be done by the regime, Russia and Iran as a military attack on the governorate.

The transformation of the United Nations and its envoy into promoters and justifiers for a military attack on millions of civilians in Idlib is the peak of the international failure to protect innocent people that are displaced as a result of violating agreements of escalation reduction by the Russian occupation.

We, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, strongly condemn the remarks of the UN envoy which gives the green light to a Russian military attack on the region and adopts the Russian narrative which fabricates accusations and lies against the revolutionaries in Idlib.

This group has no choice but to stand steadfast with its people in free Idlib and defend it in order to protect the millions of civilians living there.

It also calls on friends and brethren in Turkey to pressure all parties to comply with the agreement of escalation reduction in Idlib.

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The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Friday, 20 Dhul Hijjah 1439 AH,

August 31, 2018