Libya: MB Says Its Members Are Still Suspended From Their Jobs
Saturday, September 30,2006 00:00
By Ikhanweb

Since they were released on March 2, 2006, a group of Libyan university professors affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood haven’t been allowed to return their jobs yet. This prompted the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood to release a statement on September 28, 2006, denouncing the suspension of its professors from their jobs.

The group in its statement lashed out at the government’s so called "revolutionary committees" in Libyan universities, accusing them of being behind the suspensions.
In the statement, of which Ikhwanweb received a copy, the group expressed its concern that agencies in power flagrantly interfere with the universities affairs, which led to the suspension on the ground of affiliations with the MB, although these professors won a decision from the bodies concerned allowing them to resume their work immediately.
The statement called on the authorities to step in to stop these agencies from “tampering with the rights of citizens”, calling for adherence to the rule of law.

"This security restraints practiced against our citizens based on their religious or political backgrounds are violationd of human rights” the statement said, adding that reform requires opening the door before all Libyan citizens to take part in building their country.

It warned that the exclusion of any individuals or groups from the political process will strain the relationship between the regime and the people, at a time when the country is in dire need to establish stability and prosperity for its people.

 It also called on the authorities to monitor the performance of the security and political agencies to make sure that they follow the rules and reinforce the law and respect of human rights and freedoms.