Dr. El Hayawan: I do not know Reasons For My Detention
Wednesday, September 27,2006 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

Ikhwanweb conducted an interview with Muslim Brotherhood leadership and University Professor Dr. Hassan el Hayawan who has been released after nine months in custody although he says he doesn’t know why he was detained.

Recalling his memories and events in the nine-month detention at Mazraat Toran prison, Dr. Al Hayawan said that the story started when the Prosecution accused him in February of this year of several charges including possession of unlicensed arms and obstructing the electorate from casting their votes.

“It was not until June when the court acquitted me from the charges abovementioned”, he said.

However, he said he was surprised that the Ministry of Interior challenged the court ruling, and while he was on his way home from the court, the Prosecution ordered his re detention.

 Dr. el Hayawan accounted for this re detention in spite of the court ruling of acquittal by depicting these charges as a farce ” It is only a settlement of accounts with reformists”, he said, citing the detentions and crackdowns launched by the authorities against invariably all advocates of reform.

 Dr. el Hayawan wondered the reason behind putting him under protective custody although he gave himself in to the authorities and his whereabouts is well known to all (Dr.el Hayawan is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University, and north of Egypt).

On the ordeals he suffered during his 9 month detention, Dr. el Hayawan said that reform is only attained through sacrifices and that “we vowed to devote our lives for our nation and religion”, he said, adding that in spite of solitary confinement and deprivation of ordinary human rights, he along with other Muslim Brotherhood detainees abided by the rules of prison and posed no problem to the prison administration.

In spite of his 9 month ordeal, Dr. el Hayawan expressed his hope for a society which respects human rights, observes the Islamic law and “stand up against any attempts to impose hegemony on our nation or mar the image of our icons” he said.

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