MPs Question Wisdom of Detaining Over 80 Years Old MB
Saturday, August 26,2006 00:00
By Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb

MB Parliamentary Bloc members Assayed Askar and Ali Laban tabled two questions to both ministers of Interior and Health, as well as PA Speaker Dr. Ahmed Fatehi Sorour, questioning the wisdom of detaining Ustaz Lasheen Abu Shanab, who is also an MB Executive Bureau member and a former MP, at a time when he is over eighty years of age and his health is deteriorating due to his suffering from Hemiplegia. In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, MP Ustaz Ali Laban said that he along with MP Assayed Askar have tabled urgent questions to the Prime Minister and ministers of Health and Interior on the deterioration of Abu Shanab’s health, saying it is surprising how he was detained while he is in such a seriously bad health. Laban pointed out that this act on the part of the Egyptian regime is reminiscent of what Israel did with sheikh Ahmed Yaseen when it detained him and justified its act by saying it had detained his mind rather than his body. Dr. Khaled Mostafa, Abu Shanab’s doctor, had earlier yesterday warned of further deterioration of his health if the authorities insisted on detaining him without providing sufficient health care for him, “the simplest human rights enshrined by law and constitution”, the doctor said, calling on the security officials to observe his critical heath case and provide appropriate treatment in a hospital before starting any investigations with him.

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