Habib Calls For Removal Of Jordanian MB From Russian Terrorist List
Habib  Calls For Removal Of Jordanian MB  From Russian Terrorist List
Friday, August 25,2006 00:00

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, MB First Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib commented on the recent Russian decision enrolling the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood on its terrorist list by saying that all Muslim Brotherhood worldwide either in Jordan or elsewhere emphatically shuns violence, pointing out that the Muslim Brotherhood’s reform methodology is that peaceful and it is carried out via constitutional and legal channels.” It is known to all that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Action Front in Jordan are time tested and legally recognized parties under the umbrella of the Jordanian Constitution and Law, without either of them being implicated in any terrorist related acts”, he said.  Habib expressed his disbelief at the Russian position, saying the Russian government was supposed to think over before embarking on such a serious step , calling on Moscow to adopt a wiser stand thereof and not succumb to Israeli or American dictations as far as the status of the Jordanian MB is concerned. The MB First Deputy Chairman also said that terrorism can be perpetrated by individuals or states, suggesting that this stance on the part of Russia could be depicted as a state terrorism.” However, we don’t take much heed to such charges since we are convinced of our path and methodology which is based on adopting peaceful means and renunciation of violence either it comes from individuals or states or groups” , he added.