Muslim Brotherhood publishes faux survey on Hollywood actors’ attitudes toward Israel
Thursday, August 24,2006 00:00
By Judeoscope

On the heels of a statement signed by 84 senior film industry members blaming Hamas and Hizbullah for terror activities in the Middle East and the war in Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhood website published today its own faux poll claiming 8 out of 15 Hollywood stars oppose “Israeli Aggression”.

Among the 8 stars opposed to Israel, Anthony Hopkins is quoted as saying that the name of Israel “amounts to war and destruction”, while Anglelina Jolie is said to have called “on the world to unite in confrontation of Israel”. George Clooney is said to believe that the names of British, American, and Israeli leaders “will continue to be cursed in the history” and Mill Jepson (sic!) is quoted as blaming “all the destruction on earth on the Jews”. Al Pacino is said to have stated that Israel is the real terrorist and Dustin Hoffman is quoted as lamenting “the absence of human sentiments due to the existence of Israel”. There is no word about the identity of the 7 other stars “polled” by the Muslim Brotherhood, though well informed sources told Judeoscope that Mel Gibson was deliberately shunned by the Muslim Brothers because of his dependency on alcohol, the consumption of which is forbidden by Islam.

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