Israel’s president accused of raping two ladies, AG asks him to resign
Wednesday, August 23,2006 00:00
By Ikhwanweb&PIC

Israel’s bitter defeat in south Lebanon at the hands of Hizbullah fighters has apparently thrown its shadow on the Israeli internal front and unmasked the shaken Israeli community plagued with sex scandals.

The Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth paper revealed Tuesday that corruption files of Israeli officials continued to be opened with scandals this time emitting from Israel’s president Moshe Katsav’s home and office.

Katsav was accused by an employee in his office and another staff at his residence of separately coercing them to have sex with him. The accusation is grave and could roll his head out of office.

According to the paper, Israel’s attorney general Menachem Mazuz asked Katsav to immediately resign and pave the way for a balanced investigation over the case.

Office of Katsav denied possible resignation of the president, alleging that media apparatuses were prejudging the president before even any concrete investigation is initiated.

According to the story of one of Katsav’s victims (the maid in his house), the president forced her to have illegal relationship with him and raped her. Katsav alleged that the maid was lying and accused her of blackmailing him to get huge money sums.

Yet; Katsav wasn’t lucky enough as a lie detection exam conducted by the police and the investigation team proved that the lady was telling the truth.

The police further said that they have in possession more than 20 supporting evidence that could indict the president.

The Ha’aretz newspaper, for its part, revealed that a police team raided Katsav’s residence Monday night and seized computers and documents from it hoping they could find clues to the case.

The police, according to the paper, were deciphering information and data in the computers to have better vision over the case.

Israel’s justice minister Haim Ramon relinquished his post on sexual harassment charges filed against him by one of his female employees.

Israeli premier Ehud Olmert was not spared investigation as he faces bribery charges filed against him at the prosecution office.