Libyan MB Applauds Reform Initiatives Proposed By Gaddafi’s Son
Libyan MB Applauds Reform Initiatives Proposed By Gaddafi’s Son
Wednesday, August 23,2006 00:00

In its first comment on the reform initiatives proposed by Saif el Islam al Gaddafi, the son of Libyan President, the Muslim Brotherhood chapter in Libya issued a statement hailing the initiatives “Together Toward Libya’s Future” released on eSunday. The MB statement read as follows:
The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood has followed with interest the initiatives proposed by Saif el Gaddafi during one of the youth activities, in which he put forward a number of solutions to help the country get out of its political stalemate, chaos, absence of democracy and freedom of the press. We in the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood support these initiatives which work in favor of all the Libyan citizens. We back Saif el Islam and all Libya’s devoted sons who seek to aspire for a state where the civil society system prevails. Therefore we stress on the following:                            
1-The only guarantee for the success of such initiatives is drawing up a constitution which respects rights and freedoms and has supremacy and sovereignty over all establishments.
2-Opening the door before all political and cultural forces in Libya so that the entire people are given access to play a role in building their country envisaged by the initiative, without excluding any Libyan individuals or entities from that national project. This requires a declaration of a  “comprehensive national reconciliation”.
The real investment for the country’s future is lifting sufferings and injustice and preserves the country’s security, dignity and rights. When Libyan citizens sense that the state observes their rights and freedoms and meets their needs, they will immediately take part in building their country.