Egypt :17 MB Members Detained
Egypt :17 MB Members Detained
Sunday, August 20,2006 00:00
By Saeed Abbady

The State Security authorities on Saturday August 19, 2006, arrested 17 Muslim Brotherhood members from Nasr City , Cairo , while they were visiting Atomist Dr. Raafat Howait in his home in Menoufia governorate, north of Egypt. Dr. Howait is also among the detainees who are to be referred to the State Security Prosecution today.
In an exclusive statement, MB Executive Bureau Member Dr.Mohamed Ali Beshr said that it is unacceptable that the government persist its policy of detention at this juncture and in these critical circumstances, adding that these detentions are aimed to stem the Movement from offering backing to  the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon. “ This shows that the government has reneged on the reform path, since reform cannot materialize amid atmospheres of continued detentions policy adopted by the government”, he said.

In his first comment on this incident, group lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maksoud said that this detention comes as a message sent by the regime to the Ikhwan to the effect that  the detentions abated last month only because of the war on Lebanon” Even the one month aggression on Lebanon didn’t lead the government off its policy toward the Ikhwan”, he added