Bush showered by fiercest criticism from Israeli politician
Thursday, August 17,2006 00:00
By Saleh Al-Naami, Ikhwanweb

A top Israeli politician mocked at US President George Bush, considering his leadership to the world "a vacuum leadership". Yossi Sarid, the leader "Meretz" movement, and former Israeli Minister of Education, said in an article published in Maariv Newspaper, last Friday:" every time I hear the term " International Community " and the United Nations and its security council, I replace my weeping with a bitter laughing. There is no international community without a leadership and there is no security council without a party that can sets a resolution inside it. The party that should have played this leading role, The United States, is unreal, vacuum leadership". Sarid adds that:" a huge disaster afflicted the world and all its inhabitants when George Bush was elected US president; the world is big as we know and it is too big for George Bush to relieve its pains and suffering. He is a person who- since he was reborn and opened his eyes like an infant- has looked at the world in superficial way, according to traditions of a fundamentalist Christian mixed with the traditions of a cowboy coming from Texas", according to him. Sarid continued his mocking at Bush, saying:" Bush divides the world into good and villains and to sons of light against sons of darkness. This division of his is clear-cut and without any cosmetics. It is a loss that the US President inherited earth without inheriting Heaven which is clearly divided into paradise and hell, without making the real of salvation touch the realm of evil". Sarid said, directing his talk to decision-making bodies in Israel:" only in Israel, there are those who are excited and fascinated by president Bush and his "Condoleezza" entourage. Perhaps they are ready in Washington to rescue of Israel from its enemies, and they aren’t ready to rescue it from its bigger friend and from itself ". Sarid continued his bitter criticism to Bush’s policy, saying:" The United States under Bush’s leadership destroyed, with its own hands, its deterrent force and the force of the free world, thereby destroying also Israeli deterrent force. The silent language of the world says:" if the American devil that controlled Iraq is not frightening, as they believed before, and can be exhausted, then, there is no reason for fearing the Israeli". Sarid expressed his nostalgia for the days in which the world was divided into two camps, considering that Israel is a victim to the unilateral control. Believe it or not:" the normal human being sometimes longs for the two-camp world which was prevailing before the collapse of walls between the East and the West. It is true that the fate of humanity in those days was based on curbing "the balance of fear" and in every balance that needs well-calculated moves. As soon as the danger of cold war vanished, this balance vanished as well, and the great US leadership has no longer ability, simply. The world is boiling and is getting out of control, and frequent victims in this deteriorating world are we, the Israelis"