Ikhwan Does Not Have Armed Wing, Habib says
Ikhwan Does Not Have Armed Wing, Habib says
Tuesday, August 8,2006 00:00

 MB First Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib exclusively told Ikhwanweb that the Muslim Brotherhood had announced early on its full commitment to democracy, multiparty system and peaceful rotation of power, regarding the nation as the source of authority and that the people have every right to choose their rulers, deputies who represent them and the program which reflects their ambitions and aspirations. On whether the group could include armed wings, Dr. Habib said that the Muslim Brotherhood adopts a peaceful and civilized methodology in reform and change through legal and constitutional means. “Since its commencement, the group has shunned violence and use of force to bring about change, and even the Ikhwan reiterates its rejection of revolutions as a way for change” he said. To hammer home this fact, Dr. Habib said that to make strength and force as the criteria gives way for chaotic situations in societies, and the people will lose much especially if they are on their way toward development and reform. He reaffirmed that all groups close to the Ikhwan worldwide adopt the peaceful, non violent means, except the groups which come under occupation and adopt resistance against the occupier, something enshrined in international laws and norms.
On whether the Ikhwan and Al Qaeda have anything in common, Dr. Habib affirmed that the Ikhwan has no meeting points with al Qaeda. “We have always reiterated that, so the media should not play this card, especially which we always announce our rejection of the Qaeda methods in dealing with the nation’s issues” he added.
Dr. Habaib made this statement after Western media reportedly pointed to armed militias within the Muslim Brotherhood.