DFLP: Olmert should stand trial as war criminal in The Hague
Wednesday, August 2,2006 00:00

Tayseer Nasrallah, the DFLP politburo member, has said that Israeli premier Ehud Olmert should stand trail before the international court of justice in The Hague as a "war criminal".

Nasrallah said that Olmert should be tried over the Qana massacre in which more than 60 civilians mostly children and women were slaughtered in Israeli savage bombing.

He charged that the bloodbath, which he described as the cruelest since the start of the Israeli aggression on Lebanon, followed international cover and American blessing.

He cited in this regard American secretary of state Condoleezza Rice’s presence in the region during the massacre and her directions to foil any UNSC resolution condemning the carnage or ordering a ceasefire so as to grant the Hebrew state more time to continue in its crimes.

The DFLP official hailed the Lebanese people’s steadfastness, adding that all freedom loving peoples in the world were viewing with admiration such resoluteness.