MB Chairman: Peace Treaties Provided Cover for Zionist Massacres
MB Chairman: Peace Treaties Provided Cover for Zionist Massacres
Monday, July 31,2006 00:00

Israel committed a heinous massacre in Qana on Saturday July 29, 2006, which claimed the lives of 57 civilians. This is the second massacre in the same town in ten years; the first one was in the year 1996. In condemnation of the recent massacre and other Israeli despicable crimes against civilians, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef issued a statement holding the Arab leaders accountable for the massacres perpetrated by the Zionists against noncombatant Lebanese civilians in South Lebanon. He said that the Zionists persist with their crimes in impunity out of their conviction that the stillborn peace treaties and agreements with Arab regimes serve as an umbrella for the massacres they are committing against civilians in Lebanon and Palestine.

The Chairman added that the recent massacres come as a continuation of the Zionist unchangeable policy adopted for tens of years and not in retaliation of Nasrullah’s statements in which he affirmed the resolve of the resistance to launch their rockets as far as Haifa and other Israeli towns. However, the Chairman affirmed that these massacres will not hinder the Arab people from resisting the “Zionist guerrillas”, stressing that these strikes will kindle zeal for jihad within the hearts of Arab and Muslim people, spurring them into going on struggle until the liberation of all their occupied land.

Addressing the Arab leaders, the MB chairman called on them to arm their people as a appropriate means in confrontation of the enemy which poses a threat to all the Arab and Muslim nations.