MB Chairman Says Election Is a Crucial vehicle for Reform
MB Chairman Says Election Is a Crucial vehicle for Reform
Friday, July 21,2006 00:00

In an interview with two researchers from George Town University Wednesday July 19, 2006, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef said that the Muslim Brotherhood sees it necessary to participate in any elections starting with the Professional clubs and ending with the legislative parliamentary.

On the recent parliamentary election in which the MB has carried off 88 seats in the parliament, the Chairman said that it proved the subordination of the regime to the US’ whims and desires in the region, allowing fair and free election only because the US  reiterated its advocacy for reform in Egypt. However, when the US turned its back to reform in the region, the regime reneged on its pledges and turned against the Ikhwan in particular and the opposition in general.

On the oppressive measures against the MB members, the Chairman said that 150 members are still in custody including some of the group’s leaderships such as Dr.Essam el Eryan and Dr. Mohammed Morsi. In addition, shops and companies of some detainees were closed down. However, he reaffirmed that these detentions will strengthen the Muslim Brotherhood’s resolve for working in favor of the country.

On whether Gamal Mubarak could succeed his father, the Chairman said that he rejects succession altogether, pointing that Gamal is a carbon copy of his father, and asserting that he doesn’t count much on the son or his father or even their ruling party.