MB Organizes Rally In Cairo To Support Palestinians
MB Organizes Rally In Cairo To Support Palestinians
Thursday, June 29,2006 00:00

The Muslim Brotherhood invites all parties, political forces, NGOs as well as all Egyptians to participate in a rally at Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo Friday June 30th 2006, in solidarity with the Palestinian people who have come under brutal attacks and heinous incursion by the Israeli Occupation Forces.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls on all Egyptian to publicly show their outrage, with all peaceful means, over the deteriorating conditions of the Palestinian people. In the same context, MB Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib called for a swift official and popular move to counter the aggression on the people in Gaza. Dr. Habib was quoted as saying that what is going on in Gaza must not pass without a retaliatory reaction to deter the aggressor, describing this as a flagrant encroachment on the right of the Palestinian people and violation of the international laws and norms.

Commenting on the Israeli brutal attacks, which led to the destruction of two main bridges as well as the main power station which provides the country with 70% of its needs of electricity, the MB deputy chairman said that such criminal acts wouldn’t of happened had the Arabs were united in support and defense of the people in Palestine. He called on the Security Council, the Organization of Islamic Conference as well as the Arab League to convene for an urgent meeting to condemn such criminal acts and take the right steps to deter the aggressors.  Habib also called on the US in particular to adopt a more serious stance to stop the Israeli crimes.