Syria: Proclaim to all free people around the world
Monday, May 1,2006 00:00

Call for solidarity with the international campaign to call off the Syrian law of crime codification No. 49/ 1980 which states that every member of Muslim Brotherhood Organization should be executed

To Arab and Muslim leaders, nations, organizations, parties, movements and to the international organizations, human rights, international courts. To all the leaders, nations all over the world, our people in Syria wither individuals, parties, organizations, institutions or intellectuals.

To everyone with a living conscious, to every one who has a beating heart and hears our call.

This call was proclaimed by Muslim Brotherhood in Syria to all the world, with different inclinations, to be united with us to call off the oppressive law No 49/1980.

This sever law which calls for executing every one related to Muslim Brotherhood, this law was issued and approved by hafiz Asad under the name of law 49/1980.

You all know that Muslim Brotherhood in Syria is a Muslim, civil, preaching organization, it has its known history participating in the democratic peaceful and political life in Syria, this organization was never a terrorist organization but it is the victim of an eradication plot compiled by Asad over its leaderships, bases, backers and supporters from the Syrian people.
He kept on killing, plundering, imprisoning and torturing them with no crime.
He claimed that the organization aroused terrorist acts, that he kindled himself to use as a pretext to wage war upon Islamists and religious people in general, under the name of waging war upon Muslim Brotherhood.

You know that this cursed law contradicts with the spirit of jurisprudence in the first place, which was confirmed by several expert legists who said that this law is a crime against humanity and that it is unprecedented law all through the world.

This law has been executed on thousands of Syrian people by retroactive force; people were executed in Tadmur prison and in many other prisons and lockups for fourteen years. It was a cold-blooded revenge covered by thousands of identity annihilation crimes in the streets of Syria.
 After 25 years of killing, transgression and intrusion, this law is in force until this moment. Many people were executed during the last year just because they were suspected to be related to Muslim Brotherhood organization.

Our Muslim Brotherhood organization in Syria calls for every freed man in the world to support us against this sever law.

We expect from every human with a living conscious and every one who has a beating heart to side the organization by signing on this petition to free all the Syrian people from the tyrant, corruptive and dictatorial forces.

We also plead the international legislation organizations, human rights and international courts to consider this law a crime against humanity, to prosecute those who were responsible for verdicts issued according to this law in the international courts and to give back the rights of the oppressed who were convicted by this law.


Ali Sadr Ad-Din Al-Baynuny
Muslim Brotherhood general supervisor in Syria

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