Famous Egyptian Poet Arrested
Famous Egyptian Poet Arrested
Tuesday, April 25,2006 00:00

Dr. Mohamed Habib, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, denounced the arrest of Mr. Ameen El Deeb, from his house on Tuesday. Mr. El Deeb is a famous poet and member of the Egyptian Writers’ Union. He is known for his strong and highly popular poems against government corruption and emergency laws. Mr. Shehab Gawish, one of the producers who sold Mr. El Deeb poems on cassette tapes, was also arrested.

The Muslim Brotherhood considers these unjust arrests another attempt by the government to silence opposition. Arresting Mr. El Deeb and Gawish is a blatant attack on the freedom of expression and art, and a violation of Egypt’s constitution.

The government would not of been able to  proceed with these unjust arrests had not the emergency laws were in place. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood and all forces of opposition will continue to vigorously press for their demands to abolish the state of emergency so citizens can exercise their constitutional rights without intermediation or harassment