Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Heinous Bombings in Dahab
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Heinous Bombings in Dahab
Tuesday, April 25,2006 00:00

Dr. Mohamed Habib, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement in the aftermath of the Explosions at the Dahab resort in Sinai.

"The Muslim Brotherhood deeply regrets the tragic explosions in the Red Sea resort of Dahab on April 24 and offers its deepest condolences to the victims’ families for their tremendous pain and suffering. Such carefully orchestrated attacks are aimed at threatening our national security and spreading a state of chaos and disturbances across the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns these heinous attacks on innocent people which constitute a flagrant violation of the tolerant and peaceful teachings of Islam and only benefit the enemies of our nation.

Although the investigations are still underway and we do not know yet the actual perpetrators, whether domestic or foreign, and their real motives behind these attacks, but we hold the government partially responsible for its poor handling of the previous bombings in Sharm El Sheik and Taba in which police heavy handed tactics and maltreatment of the Sinai Bedouins by state security forces may have contributed to this most recent tragedy.

We firmly believe the political mood in Egypt and the current tension is one of the major factors that breeds violence and promotes instability. We urge the government to take all necessary steps toward a genuine political reforms and abolish all freedom restricting laws. It will be foolish if the government used this incident as a ground for extending the State Of Emergency Law, that is currently in place for the last 25 years, as it is clearly did not stop this and previous similar attacks from happening.

We also reaffirm our complete rejection of violence to achieve change. We believe that embracing a peaceful agenda for reform and working through available constitutional channels is the right approach to resolve the country’s grievances"