Akef Asks Arab Rulers to Take More Positive Attitudes Towards Their Peoples
Akef Asks Arab Rulers to Take More Positive Attitudes Towards Their Peoples
Tuesday, March 21,2006 00:00
Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood
The Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, has asked Arab regimes to take more positive attitudes towards their peoples, to be on good terms with those peoples and to get support from them.
In an interview with the United Arab Emirates’s al-Bayan newspaper, Akef says “Arab and Muslim rulers possess a human power that they do not know how far it is important. It is through this power that they can repel the ferocious campaign being waged against Islam throughout the world.” He adds that  he sees some hope in some Arab rulers who are starting to wake up and feel the extent to which they need their own peoples.
Commenting on the postponement of local election in Egypt, Akef said, “corruption is very widespread in those local councils, which prompted the regime to take that step so as to not to be have to face a disappointing outcome similar to that produced by the latest legislative elections [when the ruling party fared very badly and had to use very repressive measures to stop the victory of Muslim Brothers who obtained 20 per cent of the parliament’s seats despite police brutalities].
Muslim Brothers (MBs), Akef goes on, maintain a strong relationship with all political forces and various sections of the Egyptian people. MBs agree with them on many points, including for example democratization, cancellation of military courts and annulment of all anti-democratic  laws.
In that interview, Akef stresses that the regime wanted to put an end to Muslim Brothers, as it did with other political parties, but MBs have refused that and have, in the process, paid a hefty price, including the detention by the regime of some 20,000 MBs over the past decade.