Alexandria’s Muslim Brothers Defy Government And Open New Headquarter
Wednesday, March 15,2006 00:00
By Ahmad Hassan Bakr (al-Masreyyoun),
The Information Office of Alexandria Muslim Brothers Bloc will hold a news conference at noon today in their new headquarters at Semouha district, to announce their agenda for the upcoming period and elaborate on their measures to counter the ongoing Government offensive against freedoms and to call for the annulment of the Emergency Law.

In a statement issued earlier, the bloc said its deputies will announce during the conference the result of their work over the past three months in the People’s Assembly (Egypt’s parliament), and their program for the upcoming period, both in terms of services to be rendered by them to their electorate or their political action.

Al-Masreyyoun learned, from knowledgeable sources, that by holding that press conference, Muslim Brothers intend to send a message to the government, particularly its security apparatus, that they will never resort to secret work and that the closure of their previous headquarters by State Security Investigators (SSI) will not stop them from opening new headquarters

The sources said that Muslim Brothers would announce very clearly their policies for the next period. This will constitute a strong response from them to the recent hostile practices by security forces against them, which consisted in detaining dozens of them, closing their premises and banning their newspapers.

The sources predicted that the security escalation against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) would continue in the upcoming period with a view to forcing it to enter into a bargain with the regime designed to make the MB tone down their criticism of the regime, so as to let the plan to bequeath power go ahead smoothly, and for the MB to follow a docile opposition line especially regarding mass issues.

The Government, according the same sources, alludes from time to time to the question of authorizing the MB to have its own political party in return for it to agree to the bequeathing of power to Mubarak’s son, Gamal, which the MB refuses vehemently. It also refuses any deal with the Government that does not realize the national interest of the country.