Akef: Emergency Law Heaviest Scourge on Country
Akef: Emergency Law Heaviest Scourge on Country
Monday, March 13,2006 00:00
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman Muhammad Akef called on the parliament to nullify emergency law and not to pass alternative legislations.

In a press conference, held by the National Front for Change, Mr. Akef said emergency law which has been applied since Mubark’s office, restricts freedom and poses intimidation on opposition. In addition, it abuses both dignity and humanity of Egyptian citizens.

Akef cited some recent irregularities which are committed by the virtue of the notorious law including the arrest of one of the Muslim Brotherhood by state security police while he was accompanying his children to school where Policemen abducted the man and his family and put them in custody for four hours.

In another incident, the Muslim Brotherhood’s MP Hesham el-Kady was attacked by state secuirty police while he was traveling in Upper Egypt-bound train. Two of his assistants, including a lawyer, were detained and maltreated while their IDs were being checked.

On his part, Aziz Sedqy, the Front’s Chief, demanded President Mubarak to live up to his election campaign commitment to rescind emegency law.

The National Front for Change, which includes opposition powers, launched its three-month campaign to resist the renewal of the long-standing law. It is planning on seeking help from journalists and authors to set the campaign in motion.

In this respect, several opposition MPs held a meeting to discuss mechanisms of activating the campaign via preparing a number of questions, requests for information, motions, and statements.